Posted by: Discovery Science Center Blog | August 1, 2008

Earthquake on July 29, 2008

To start, we wish the best to everyone who was affected by this week’s earthquake. We faired very well, but we know that our Southern California neighbors had some damage.


After the ground shook on Tuesday, July 29, Discovery Science Center staff moved quickly to search and secure the building. Once we determined that all was well, we were able to turn the event into a “teachable moment.”


Our Camp Discovery classes were coincidentally focusing on earth science that morning. The students seemed to perk up and became even more interested in the subject once the earthquake was over. Our vice president of education, Janet Yamaguchi, visited each classroom to help facilitate a discussion and share some information that the students could take home to their parents.


Downstairs in Taco Bell, a local school was finishing lunch and waiting for their field trip to start when the earthquake happened at 11:42 a.m. Our field trip leaders brought the group to our seismograph on the first floor to show them how the earthquake and aftershocks registered on the paper. The field trip was supposed to begin with a different lesson, but our quick-thinking staffers decided to focus first on earthquakes, plate tectonics and how waves move, before moving on to the regularly-scheduled field trip lesson. You can check out the OC Register’s interview with our field trip leader, Kristina Kalman-Read in the Quake Zone section of our Web site: 


We received many calls that day from concerned parents. It was great to be able to reassure them that all visitors were safe and sound.


It seems that our Quake Zone exhibits have become a bit more popular since the earthquake, so we are starting an earthquake preparedness stage show this Saturday. It will run daily at 1 p.m. through Sept. 7, which is the last day of our summer operations.



  1. Yes, very scary experience. I am sure those parents were frantic. Glad that all children were ok.

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