Posted by: Discovery Science Center Blog | September 18, 2008

Extremo is here to create Spooky Science!

For those of you who have visited Discovery Science Center during Halloween, you’ll remember our Spooky Science activities, including our popular 3-D maze! Well, we’ve brought artist Scot “Extremo the Clown” Campbell back for another year, and he is downstairs painting the maze as I type this!

Spooky Science will be from Oct. 4 to Nov. 2 this year, and it will highlight our fall exhibition, Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats.

Coming up next Saturday night, our annual gala will be even more special this year. We’ll be “Celebrating Science – A Decade of Discovery!” The event will kickoff our tenth anniversary celebration. Look for some big news to come after this event. It should be a great night for all!



  1. We’re looking so forward to visiting tomorrow – my son absolutely LOVED the Bob the Builder exhibit and Clifford before that – no doubt that the new Bats exhibit will be sure to please! Any word on if there will be any insect-themed exhibits coming to the Discovery Center soon? We’d LOVE that too!!

  2. Hi Emily,
    We hope you enjoy your visit!
    Animal Grossology had a lot of icky information about insects over the summer, but that exhibit closed on Sept. 7. Keep an eye on, because you never know what we have in store for our visitors!
    – The Cube

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